1. Seagulls

The track ‘Seagulls’ is the first single from Viscula’s instrumental album ‘IV’ released on December 17. The recording was attended by 4 musicians who played organic parts without any overlays. Only drums, bass, guitar and keyboards. In addition to the band’s musicians, the album featured legendary Soviet bassist Alexander Titov, who recorded all of the bass parts, including the single ‘Seagulls’. He continues to play in the famous rock bands Kino and Aquarium. The mix and mastering was done by George Shilling, a first-class British sound producer who worked with bands such as Blur and Primal Scream. The artwork for the single ‘Seagulls’ was created by the well-known British collage artist Tom Hodgkinson who also worked on artworks for bands such as Keane and Archive.

Album Reviews

Viscula has released their single ‘Seagulls’ combining the sounds of dark-wave and post-rock to create the insane sound behind this track. A track that is solidly based on the uses of sound and just how well they can come together, to create something as outstanding as this piece in general. From the moment it begins, you’re hooked on the overall sound that Viscula has to offer, keeping you wanting to listen till the very moment it stops. Beginning with this distorted sound, that goes into these shreds, colliding that against the hard-hitting beat that begins to seep through. Adding in some psychedelic-infused melodies that come together to create overall killer instrumentation that works perfectly. This is one of those pieces, that has so much embedded into it and it continues to keep you interested. It’s such an easy to listen to piece and one you’ll have to listen to on repeat to really get lost in what it has to offer. This track is certainly an impressive one and a memorable one for sure, everything comes together and flows perfectly beside each other. Keeping that pace fairly steady and that pitch to a minimum, not having it being too in your face, making it a rather chilled out track to listen to. Definitely, a track that has many different elements embedded throughout, but each one works so well with one another.
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